I fell in love with photography soon after my first daughter was born. I spent hours upon hours reading about photography during late night nursing sessions and spent my days practicing what I learned so I could get the perfect portrait of my daughter. It wasn’t long before I realized that my favorite images were the ones captured between the posed portraits. I love looking back at the pictures of my daughter’s tiny hands stacking her alphabet blocks or holding our favorite books. I love seeing her sweet eyes peeking through the holes in the laundry basket that I’ve had since college. And I love reminiscing when I see her tiny feet from the day she crawled into her toddler bed for the first time. For me, photographs mean so much more when there is context and memories associated with them.

I’ve always loved looking back at the pictures my parents took of us when we were growing up. I especially love all of the details: the linoleum kitchen floors we roller skated on, the pink living room couch we sat on while we waited for the bus on rainy days, the wooden rolling pin that my mom has always used to make sugar cookies.

As much as we take photographs for our own personal memories, we also take them for our children to look back at years from now. Their favorite images will be the ones that stir up memories of their childhood: ordinary moments from everyday life. For me, these ordinary, often simple moments are the ones that make life extraordinary.

I want to capture these moments for you and your family so you can share them for generations to come.