Beth + Ryan | Chester County Wedding Photographer

I've known my friend, Beth, since before I can remember; we have been friends just about our entire lives.  Beth is the most authentically honest and genuine person I know.  She wears her heart on her sleeve and gives everything her all.  I don't normally shoot weddings, but last month, I had the honor of photographing her wedding.  It was amazing to see her get married to Ryan - someone who makes her incredibly happy and who is so devoted to family and lives life to the fullest.  Beth got dressed in her old bedroom before heading downstairs to see Ryan.  I felt the years slip away as we looked at old pictures and revisited memories from so long ago.  After their first look, we captured a few portraits in the woods before the ceremony started.  The backyard ceremony was very casual and intimate with lots of laughs and lots of (joyful) tears.  After the small ceremony, the guests arrived and the party started!  I had so much fun working on this and it's clear that all of the guests had fun too!  Beth's goal was for me to be sneaky and capture lots of hidden moments.  I hope that each time they look through their wedding photos, they feel like they did that day and they can relive each of those special moments once again.  Congratulations, Beth and Ryan!!