Jamie Newborn | Downingtown, PA Newborn Photographer

I do newborn sessions in the morning or afternoon; it depends on when you have the best natural light in the rooms you want to use. Sometimes, the afternoon sessions coincide with afternoon nap wake ups. As all of us know, some days you wake up happy... and some days you don't ;) My sessions are long and leave plenty of time for toddlers to do things on their own time. I love playing with puzzles or reading books as kids slowly wake up :) 

Before big brother woke up, we captured a few shots of Jamie with his parents.  Once he woke up, we played for a bit, read books and snuggled, played with planes and trains, read more books... and had a few feeding breaks in between.  It was a relaxing, stress free session capturing their life as a new family of four :)  Enjoy!