And then they were four | Wynnewood, PA Newborn Photographer

I loved working with this sweet family of four.  Their sweet little girl was nearly two months old and seemed so strong and curious :)  I loved capturing all of her little expressions and the love her big brother had for her.  It was a beautiful February day, so we were even able to sneak outside at the end for a bit :)

Stella 3-Months | Kennett Square, PA Lifestyle Photographer

I met little Stella on a sunny February morning and she couldn't have been more sweet.  She just adored her mommy and daddy and we had a relaxed session capturing life at three months old!  She loved flying in the air, looking in the mirror, and playing on her play mat.  We also made sure to capture her colorful and fun nursery!

The M Family | One Year Session at Longwood Gardens, PA

This was my first session of 2017 and if this session indicates what is in store for me this year, I am so excited!!  We spent the morning at Longwood Gardens, and it was one of my most favorite sessions yet.  It was the perfect combination of lifestyle and documentary and I just loved meeting this family.  Little kids don't like to sit still for long and this location is perfect for that.  There is lots to explore and see and we don't have to "sit still" for more than a few seconds here and there.  I love exploring the children's garden with my clients... and my own two little ones! <3

The H Family | In-home Lifestyle Session West Chester, PA

I spent a frigid November afternoon with the H family next to their cozy fire.  I love in-home sessions so much. They work so well for all ages... not just newborns.  When we initially were email about the session, Erin said that she wanted to have a session that captures a day in their regular life - no fancy clothes, no fancy posing.  It was wonderful and we captured so many great moments.

Baby L | Lansdale, PA Lifestyle Newborn Session

I was so excited to meet Miss L.  And she was the sweetest little baby with the most curly hair I've ever seen.  She was welcomed into the most loving family and joined her family weeks... if not days... after they moved into their new home!  It was an exciting few weeks for sure!  Her big brother was still mesmerized by her tiny fingers and little toes <3 I loved capturing this time for this family and had fun looking back at all of the images from their session :) 

Jamie Newborn | Downingtown, PA Newborn Photographer

I do newborn sessions in the morning or afternoon; it depends on when you have the best natural light in the rooms you want to use. Sometimes, the afternoon sessions coincide with afternoon nap wake ups. As all of us know, some days you wake up happy... and some days you don't ;) My sessions are long and leave plenty of time for toddlers to do things on their own time. I love playing with puzzles or reading books as kids slowly wake up :) 

Before big brother woke up, we captured a few shots of Jamie with his parents.  Once he woke up, we played for a bit, read books and snuggled, played with planes and trains, read more books... and had a few feeding breaks in between.  It was a relaxing, stress free session capturing their life as a new family of four :)  Enjoy! 

The H Family | Newtown Square Family Photographer

We had such a beautiful night for this session and had plenty of beautiful areas to explore with the kids.  I love to keep kids moving during our sessions so that they don't get bored and are always excited for the next place we are going to see.  You never know how sibling shots are going to go, but I really love the ones we captured at this session <3

Noah is One | Longwood Gardens Family Photographer

I worked with Noah and his family for his newborn photos and I was so excited to see them again for Noah's first birthday.  We spent the evening exploring Longwood Gardens and even enjoyed a bit of cake ;)  It's amazing how much babies change in the first year... but also how much they stay the same.  I love getting to see all of these babies grow up! 

As we are | Longwood Gardens Documentary Family Photographer

Mom's first line in her email inquiry to me was, "I'm looking for photographers who can capture our family as we are."  She said she loved "candid shots" and "real moments." My heart sang when she chose me.  We decided to do a sunset shoot at one of our favorite places - Longwood Gardens. 

I arrived as they were eating dinner, we took walks, we played, we looked for airplanes, and we ran.  Fast.  There were no formally posed photos... there were no fancy clothes.  There were shy moments, snuggly moments, yogurt moments, and moments that had us all out laughing.  They were perfect moments... real family moments... just as they were. 

Towards the end of the session, I took a picture of Ellie's hand resting on her mom's hand.  Ellie was tired and we were walking towards the exit.  I stopped to show Mom the back of the camera and said, "As a mom, this is one of my favorites."  They won't always sit on your arm with their diaper peeking through; their hand won't always be small enough to rest on yours.  We were well past sunset and the image has a good bit of grain.  But memories and little moments don't always need perfect light.  Mom said to me, "You got it!  That's just want I wanted: to capture us together and Ellie... just being little.  Because, she won't always be little... she's so much bigger than yesterday!"

I love all the sessions I do, but this continues to be one of my favorites.  I love sunset, I love families, and I love real moments.  True documentary photography is where my heart lies.  

If you are interested in capturing your family, as you are, I'd love to do that for you.

Mommy and Me | West Chester, PA Family Photographer

I love, love, love sunset sessions.  In addition to the gorgeous light, I just love that during these sessions, I can let kids be kids.  They can stand (let's be!) any direction they want and face any direction and the light just works.  I don't have to be as careful with lighting because I can get gorgeous images from any direction.  I love mixing backlight, sidelight, and the unique shadows and warmth that this time of day gives.  I end up with so many more natural moments and a few more cuddly ones too!  Of course, sunset coincides with bedtime... but kids really do great.  We play, we run, we are silly.  They are outside in a new location and after a late nap and a good snack they forget all about sleeping to just have fun and explore.

M is One! | Main Line Child and Lifestyle Photographer

I worked with this family this past spring and had the pleasure of hanging out with them again for M's one year pictures.  We did some birthday shots inside before heading out to play in the backyard.  M was a happy one year old!  He had an amazing smile and a contagious laugh.  We had a great time goofing off and capturing the essence of being one.

The T Family | Longwood Gardens Chester County PA

I love Longwood Gardens in the fall and it's one of my favorite spots to shoot at with young toddlers. There is a lot to see and plenty of paths to explore. We had a beautiful fall morning a few weeks ago and little A was probably the fastest nearly one-year-old that I ever had the pleasure of chasing around!

The J Family | Delaware County Family Lifestyle Photographer

This family has been so patient waiting for their images! I was so close to finishing them up and then we had "fall back" and well... we all know how that goes with kids. P was such a sweetheart and so easygoing during our evening session. She has the most sparkly eyes and just adored her mom and dad. We captured a great variety of images and P was so tuckered out by the end, she fell asleep in her mama's arms. It doesn't get any better than that!

Baby B | Haverford PA Lifestyle Newborn Photographer

I spent a relaxing afternoon with four week old baby B and his parents a few weeks ago. We followed the light as it moved through their house and B got lots of cuddles along the way. They had just moved in to their new house, but you would have never known it; they were unpacked and quickly making the house their home.