Joseph Newborn | Havertown, PA Newborn Photographer

There is something just so sweet about a newborn session with first time parents.  There are so many peaceful moments where the parents are in just total awe of their new baby.  It always brings me back to my memories of the first week home with my oldest daughter.  There is something so special (and terrifying!) about that first two weeks.  And while I do miss the chaos and fun that an older sibling brings to the mix (really, I do love toddler chaos!), I love being able to relax a bit more and shoot much more deliberately.  Take a peek at Joseph's session on the blog today.  I really miss those lazy newborn days! 

Lindsay Newborn | Media, PA Newborn Photographer

I am always so honored when I have the opportunity to photograph families I know.  I recently did newborn photos for my husband's cousin's family.  Lindsay was so peaceful and totally content in her parents' arms.  We photographed her in her nursery and other favorite rooms in their house - including the kitchen!  In this session, I love the bright and airy images just as much as the moody black and whites.  We spent a great afternoon together and I can't wait to see this sweet girl again!

Maeve Newborn | Wilmington, DE Newborn Photographer

I bet you can't guess who locked Dad and I out of the house at the beginning of this session.  Seriously, you'll never guess ;)  This crazy guy was the best big brother a little sister could ever hope for.  He was fun, energetic, kind, and gentle.  He was so sweet to Maeve and loved loving on her.  I loved spending the morning with this family of four (plus one furry one!).  The light was beautiful in various rooms of the house but I think my favorite was the master bedroom.  There is nothing is better as a photographer than a session with great light and a great family :)

Evelyn Newborn | Havertown, PA Newborn Photographer

I was so excited to meet Evelyn at her newborn session.  It didn't seem all that long ago that I was taking maternity pictures of her beautiful mama.  I loved how much everyone in the family adored this sweet girl.  We had a relaxed, easy-going session and just enjoyed newborn life.  I'm excited to be in the process of catching up on this blog and sharing more from this session with you :)

Finn Newborn | Bryn Mawr, PA Newborn Photographer

It was a super cloudy day when I met Finn and his family back in May.  We spent most of the time in a bright downstairs bedroom, but we found a few pockets of light in other areas of the home too :)  Finn was alert during most of our session but was so calm and easy going.  I absolutely love these black and white conversions and the emotion they portray.  It was a great day for a relaxed, lifestyle newborn session!

Catherine Newborn | Schwenksville, PA Newborn Photographer

One of the things that surprised me most about running a business is reconnecting with people from my past.  It may be one of my favorite parts of this photography journey.  Maura and I went to the same college and had several common friends.  During her daughter's newborn session it was fun to reminisce about college life and our old stomping ground.  We had a relaxed morning and even got a few pictures with their first babies ;)  I was so surprised when I walked into their home to find that our daughters have similar colored nurseries and the same curtains!  We also had the same master bedroom furniture :)  Great minds think alike!  Enjoy these pictures of this super sweet and smiley little girl.

Henryk | King of Prussia, PA Lifestyle Newborn Session

It has been awhile since I've blogged but I've been excited to share this session since April!  This session turned out to be one of my most favorite newborn sessions to date.  I always talk/email with my clients a good bit before the session to determine what their goals are for the session.  For this one, mom wanted to focus on alone shots of Henryk, very natural sibling interactions, and babywearing.  We did the entire session on one bed, in one room.  He nursed, we changed diapers, we played UNO, we talked about birth and babywearing.  I adored the simplicity and how that allowed the focus of the images to be the newness of Henryk and the raw emotions of bringing a new baby into the family.  I absolutely loved working with this family and it was fun to pull up these images again... it's really hard to believe how small he was :)   

Prim | Berwyn, PA Newborn Photographer

A few weeks ago, I had the honor of capturing sweet Prim along with her family.  She had two older sisters who just adored her and were still busy taking in all of her "newness."  Prim's mom is also a photographer, and it's really hard if you're the one taking pictures most of the time, to be in the pictures with your children.  We made sure to capture lots of family and Mommy & Me pictures during Prim's session.  I love looking back at pictures of my hands holding each of my babies, and I wanted Prim's mom to have those as well.  I can't believe this little girl is already a month old - these first few months really go too fast.   

Baby Henry | Philadelphia, PA Lifestyle Newborn Photographer

I had the best time working with Henry and his family for his "newborn" session.  He was technically nearly 12 weeks old, but he was the most relaxed baby ever!  He was so content during his session and while he loved being held by both of his parents, you should see the eyes he had for his mama <3.  My photography sessions are a mix of lifestyle and documentary.  I do a little bit of posing, but the moments that really mean the most to me are the ones that happen between the more "posed" images.  Years later, when you look back at the images from your session, I want them to take you right back to that day.  Because, these days sure do go by too quickly. 

Baby Averie | West Chester PA Lifestyle Newborn Photographer

I love photographing families with lots of young children!  They really help to "keep it real" and I love photographing real family moments.  A new baby changes your children's lives as much as your own and I have so much fun seeing the new baby through their eyes.  This sweet baby girl is blessed to have two older sisters who adore her and a such a fun big brother to look out for her.

Baby Emma | Main Line In-home Lifestyle Newborn Session

It was pretty easy to fall in love with sweet little Emma.  She was six weeks old when I did this lifestyle shoot and was adored by her parents and big brother.  My favorite part about this shoot was capturing the natural sibling photos as they happened.  Some of my favorite shots were the ones that surprised us in the moment. I really love in-home sessions and capturing life as it is that day.  I'm sharing a lot of my favorite images today so you can have a better glimpse into what a gallery would look like for my newborn and in-home sessions.  One of my goals for these sessions is for you to be brought back to that period in your life as you look back on your images from that day.  I try to capture the essence of what it's like in those early days with your baby and children.  Enjoy!

Baby G | Delaware County Lifestyle Newborn

I spent an unusually warm (almost 70 degrees!) November afternoon with this sweet little girl and her family.  We decided to embrace the warmth and do some photos outside before moving inside.  I absolutely love sibling photos and capturing natural interactions.  R is a wonderful big sister and even shared a few leaves with little G.

Newborn Lifestyle Session | Main Line Newborn Photographer

I really could have just hung around and snuggled this sweet boy all afternoon. He was so sleepy and totally content in his mama's arms. We've had some really beautiful fall weather this year and were fortunate to be able to take some photos outside as well. I couldn't be happier for this sweet family!

Baby B | Haverford PA Lifestyle Newborn Photographer

I spent a relaxing afternoon with four week old baby B and his parents a few weeks ago. We followed the light as it moved through their house and B got lots of cuddles along the way. They had just moved in to their new house, but you would have never known it; they were unpacked and quickly making the house their home.

Baby R | West Chester PA Lifestyle Newborn Photographer

A few weeks ago, I spent the morning with baby R and her family. She was so loved and so sleepy during our session. We took a walk at the beginning of our session and I loved that we were able to capture some shots outside!

Baby B | Main Line Lifestyle Newborn Photographer

I had a great time photographing this family of four; from jumping on beds to sweet newborn yawns, I think we covered it all! Baby B was so relaxed and calm throughout the entire session and is perfect new addition to their family!